Your digital wallet

Online shopping has never been so quick, safe and easy! Masterpass by Mastercard is a free digital wallet in which customers can securely store their card data and delivery addresses. This practical payment solution for online purchases allows shoppers to complete all of their orders quickly and securely at any time – at home or on the move, by PC, by tablet or with a smartphone.

Following a one-off registration, online shopping can be taken care of in just a couple of clicks – without having to re-enter card data or the delivery address. All of the payment and shipping details that are required have already been stored in the digital wallet and are optimally protected by multi-level security processes.

The benefits for you

The advantages for merchants


Easy integration

Easy integration within current payment processes on the basis of your credit card interface – without disrupting day-to-day business. No additional costs included in the whole process.


With regard to Masterpass payments, the card data is stored with the bank and is therefore always up-to-date. The quick payment process increases the chances of a successful sale.


Masterpass enables a simplified SecureCode™ (3-D Secure) process as the customer can readily be authenticated by the wallet so the liability risk rests with the card issuer.

The benefits for your customers

Your customers will benefit from the following advantages



Convenient and easy: Thanks to the one-off registration, there is no longer any annoying requirement for data entry when online shopping with Masterpass.

Quick Checkout

The stored card data enables a quick and convenient checkout process with all commonly used devices with internet capability - this leads to less cancellations.


Masterpass is backed by the security systems of Mastercard’s global payment network. Card information and delivery details are all stored securely at the card holder‘s bank.

Masterpass for merchants - Easy to integrate

The implementation of Masterpass is done simply and fast

Simple implementation

The integration of Masterpass within current payment processes is very straightforward and can be achieved without disrupting day-to-day business.

We'll help you getting started

We will handle the activation of Masterpass with your preferred payment service provider. Request a free activation now!

Express Checkout with Masterpass

The checkout with Masterpass is completed in a few steps


Shopping cart

Your customer fills his shopping cart and chooses Masterpass as the checkout method.


Wallet selection

The customer chooses his wallet and logs in. Afterwards, he validates the wallet on his mobile device.


Personal details

The customer chooses his preferred payment method and fills in his personal data.


Order completion

The personal details and payment informations will be saved. The order can be adjusted one last time. Afterwards, the data will be taken automatically from the wallet and the order can be completed.