Charge virtual credit cards (VCC) with Payrexx

Some booking portals, such as, issue virtual credit cards for services already paid for through their portal. These serve as payouts for the accommodation providers.

 With the Payrexx virtual credit card terminal, you can charge your virtual credit cards easily, quickly and in any mobile device with a web browser.

Features and benefits

With Payrexx, you can optimize the process of charging virtual credit cards as well as your general payment process. Your advantages in an overview.

Easy system

Charge your virtual credit cards from Booking and Co. as easy as never before. Open the terminal link, enter your credit card details and click on pay.

Save money

The virtual terminal is free of charge. Payrexx only charges subscription and transaction fees.
More about the subscriptions and fees.

Faster payments

Fast and secure - Our motto. Immediately after charging your virtual credit card you will receive a payment confirmation.

Multi-user capability

Every employee in your organization can access the mobile credit card terminal through a link.


Whether on the move or at your desk - with Payrexx you can charge virtual credit cards from everywhere.

Even more...

With Payrexx over 200 payment methods are available - So you can offer your guests even more payment options.

Virtual cards from, Expedia and Agoda

At, Expedia and Agoda, the virtual credit cards are not active directly from the date of delivery and can therefore not be charged directly with Payrexx. Please note the following automatic activation dates: does not allow you to charge your virtual credit cards until the day after guests arrive.


Expedia also allows you to charge your virtual credit cards only after guests have checked out.


Agoda allows you to charge your virtual credit cards as soon as the guests arrive. Please note that Agoda cards, which start with the numbers 553397, cannot be charged with Payrexx Direct. In this case, please contact us so that we can find an alternative solution for you.


Start now in just three steps:

Create Payrexx Account

Register with Payrexx now and create your account. Register here. You can test Payrexx free of charge for 30 days!

Set up payment provider and virtual credit card terminal

To charge the virtual credit cards, you must first activate a payment provider. To enable the charging of these virtual cards with Payrexx Direct*, we ask you to consult these instructions.
*Available in CH, DE, AU, IT, DK

Charging virtual credit cards from and Co.

Open the link of the terminal (Terminal Tool). Enter amount and select payment method (Mastercard, Visa, etc.). Then enter card details and click on "Pay". As soon as a virtual card has been charged, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.